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This wine is a full and fruity Australian Cabernet Sauvignon (no surprise there!), though it appears to be lighter and much more easygoing because of Petit Verdot there as well! We would say that normally you won't be drinking Cabernet Sauvignon on its own, but this particular one is bursting with flavours and being so light! It was a nice suprise for us to discover!

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Try it with meaty salads, richer poultry and turkey and just simply grill some lean red meat to make it a nice match! It is lighter and fresher than usual, so try it with your favourite salads (it is a bit more tannic than just medium, so avoid very oily or salty ones!)
Grape variety:cabernet sauvignon
Price range:£7.99 - £
Nose aroma:Fresh violets and red berries (currants)
Palate flavour:rich plums and violets, hints of red berries
Length of finish:medium
Conclusion quality:Good


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