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Taste of London - food tasting review

Ametsa with Arzak Instruction

Jamon Iberico Sobre Almohada de Pan con Tomate - the pillow of tomato bread and Spanish ham may not really impress you. We were not impressed either - we got quite dry piece of bread, which was just touched (not topped) with chopped tomatoes. Ham was awesome though - yet for this event where you pay £20 to enter it should be something more elaborate than this - a £6 small iberico ham is just a bit sad. It was tasty though!


Duck and Dog at Club Gascon

Club Gascon actually won an award at Taste of London and shall we say this small duck dog was a cracker! For the price of £4 we’ve got a very tasty bun, shredded duck and onions with a sauce. It was truly delicious.


Gaucho presented sea trout ceviche, pink grapefruit, fennel and tigers milk for a starter. The flavour was quite delicate, the dish was so small you can’t really truly taste the flavour of it, but it was a nice combination.


Le Gavroche had puy lentils and smoked chicken ballotine with sweet and spicy pepper mayonnaise. We have been heading to Le Gavroche expecting magnificent flavours and how wrong were we.. The idea of chicken ballotine with the red pepper is quite nice, but the execution of this dish resulted in a dry, quite tasteless dish as you have been having some chicken with dry lentils. It was a disappointment.


Salt Yard served Iberico pork and foie gras burger with Manchego cheese. That was our dish of the day - it doesn’t need to be super fatty (yet foie gras and cheese of course make it super indulgent), but the combination makes this burger super luxury, a 5 star Spanish treat! We were so excited we actually bought a cookbook and signed it with their chef. Happy practicing for us!


Sixtyone restaurant served crisp Dorset oyster, chicken caillette and shallot. It was moist, very fluffy, juicy and pleasant. Lack of oysters at Chapel Down stand made us longing for this delicious seafood, and we have finally found it at SixtyOne, yet not fresh, but baked.


Yauatcha had a selection of Asian fusion and quite spicy dishes. We have tried their venison puff and were pleasantly surprised how delicate yet strongly flavoured venison (mince) worked together with spice and chili. It was a mistake to have a glass of red in the other hand - it was too spicy to be drunk with wine. Delicious snack, it is quite easy to make at home for a party, do not forget to buy alternative refreshments.


We hope you’ve enjoyed Taste of London, please do share your reviews with us!

23 Jul 2014

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