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Storks Landing 2010 Pinot Noir Shiraz

Wow, wow, wow, we were not sure about this blend of Pinot Noir and Shiraz and especially from Portugal, but it rocks! Think of delicious raspberry flavours with some vanilla and other forest fruit. It comes from Lisboa (Lisbon) region where cold winds from Atlantic north coast are cooling the vineyards and make it possible to get results with Pinot Noir. This blend is fantastic - it has got the fruit, very easy-going drinking and astonishing balance. We did not think this blend would work and were so happy that it proved us wrong! (P.S. Tesco is currently out of stock, can you believe this?)

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We are a bit lost as this wine is versatile, complex and has medium body, tannins and length - you can try it with such a variety of food! We would thin to avid stronger flavoured meats and game as they would overpower raspberry flavours, but the rest of Mediterranean starters and meats are for you to choose from!
Appearance color:Red
Grape variety:pinot noir - shiraz
Price range:£5 - £8
Colour intensity:low
Producer:Jose Neiva Correia
Nose aroma:raspberry, sweet forest fruit, vanilla
Palate flavour:ripe raspberry and vanilla, wild strawberry and other forest fruit
Length of finish:medium
Conclusion quality:Good to Very Good


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