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London Cru 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is the last of the red lineup from London Cru 2013 range - the grapes have been harvested in Languedoc and the main task was to achieve a good structure, ripe tannins, yet maintaining a colder climate elegance to this grape variety. Excuse us sounding all too serious, but this won't be your typical warm Cabernet, this is a piece of work to underline how elegant it can be - think about left bank Bordeaux *(even though it cannot be a pure varietal, or think rare Aussie Cabernet from cooler regions). It has an abundance of blackcurrant flavours together with the leafy flavours too. It comes together with woody aromas (cedar as well) and some menthol and chocolate at the back. That is what we call structure. You should try it if you like freshness and complexity.

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Try it with lamb, beef wellington or just good steak - it would match these proteins perfectly!
Grape variety:cabernet sauvignon
Price range:£12 - £19
Colour intensity:medium
Producer:London Cru urban winery
Nose aroma:blackcurrant leaf, blackcurrant, loads of oak and cedar
Palate flavour:clear blackcurrant and blackcurrant leaf, a lot of oakiness and hints of cedar, bits of menthol and at the very last some chocolate
Length of finish:medium
Conclusion quality:Very good


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